1. A weekend lettering experiment “Crush”, as in “Crush” by Dave Matthews Band.

  2. Finished the Homeless Club logo. Looking forward to new adventures!

  3. New take on the Homeless Club logo with the brush pen.

  4. I have been enjoying taking photos of my trusty companion for a while now. For more images visit my www.metype.vsco.co

  5. Sketching up a little logo for our Homeless Club. We thought of it during the hike in the north of England this spring. Now every time we get the backpacks out and venture into unknown, it becomes an adventure of the Homeless Club.

  6. Some images from the recent trip to Newcastle, including a visit to Baltic centre of contemporary art, situated on the south bank of the River Tyne alongside my favourite Stage Gateshead. Baltic is currently housing an exhibition of abstract minimalist Daniel Buren. Worth visiting, if you ever wondered how it feels like to be inside a box full of building blocks. Slightly surreal and humbling experience.

  7. Still thinking of hell but with the brush pen this time.

  8. "To hell and back", inspired by one of the exhibits at Mima gallery, which has the following words embroidered on the rustic looking cloth: "I have been to hell and back… And let me tell you, it was wonderful…"

  9. Looking for alternative materials in calligraphic experimentation, this time “March from Tannhauser” by R. Wagner. Seems a little wasteful, but it is my revenge on years of music school.

  10. In 2006 i was a newcomer at Minsk Art university. These are just a few works from that period which are dear to my heart.

  11. Curious book featuring works by controversial Claes Oldenburg. I am not sure that his bottle peace at Middlesbrough is pleasant to the eye. Nevertheless it is a memorable sculpture but for all the wrong reasons.

  12. Type and coffee addiction after midnight .

  13. Some curiouser findings and purchases at the newly discovered bookstore.

  14. Visiting Mima’s institute of modern art www.visitmima.com latest exhibition featuring fantastic and inspiring artist Louise Bourgeois.

  15. My TDi experience 2014, read more at www.metype.co.uk/journal and www.metype.vsco.co